Sunday, August 26, 2012


I reopened my Etsy shop today.  I am selling the baby rag blankets that I have been making.  If you have a minute or two please go take a peek.  These blankets make great baby shower gifts. 

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XOXO, Karen Lee

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Happy Saturday!!  I'm so ready to enjoy the next couple of days.  

I finished my second baby rag quilt last week.  I'm having so much fun making these with all the fabric that I have stashed for years!!  I only had to buy the flannel backing fabric.  Very inexpensive project for me so far and I'm making a small dent in my fabric collection!!!  

  The backing is made using the flannel elephant print soft!!

If you would like a few instructions on how to make a rag quilt, just click   HERE

 And here is the next fabric all cut up and waiting to become another baby rag quilt!!  


XOXO ............KAREN LEE

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Good morning.........I have decided to start sewing again, so I gathered up all my fabric that I had in storage, got my sewing machine tuned up, bought a new pair of very sharp scissors and I am up and sewing again!!!!

I am going to make baby quilts.  I did some research and found that I loved the rag quilts that everyone is making.  For years I made quilts that I would have to send out to be quilted with a long arm machine, well the cost of that is just to much for me to handle now a a rag quilt is right up my alley!!!

I cut all my fabric Friday night after work and got up Saturday morning and started Saturday afternoon I had my first rag quilt completed.  I love being able to finish a project in a day or two!!

Pic's of my little project...............

 I cut the fabric for the front and back at 10 inches and the batting was cut at 
8 1/2 inches.  I found in my research that there are many different opinions on how many inches the batting should be cut.  You can also use flannel as batting and cut it the same size as your front and back fabric.  I think I will use flannel as soon as I have used up all the batting that I have on hand.  From pic's that I have seen I think flannel gives it a great rag look.

Next you need to make a sandwich using your back, front and batting.  Center your batting between your front and back fabric......notice wrong sides together.  Pin it in 4 places, leaving clear space to sew an X across your sandwich.

 I just eyeballed sewing the X across the sandwich.  I am not that anal to  mark the perfect X before sewing.  In the end they weren't perfect but when all the squares are sewn together they looked great.  I wanted this project to be fun, not a pain in the you know what to make!!  Thats just me!  Start and stop sewing your X about a 1/4 inch from the end of your fabric......making sure to backstitch at each end.

 With all your X's sewn across your squares its time to lay out how you want your quilt to look.  I messed with the layout a couple of times and then it was time to pin the rows together.

 I started at the bottom of my laid out squares and pinned the bottom row of 4 squares together going across and worked my way up pinning 4 rows.  So you will have 4 rows of pinned squares going across.  I pinned this on my dining room table, so as to not mess up my rows I only picked up one row at a time to sew it.  I know you can mark your rows with numbers and letters, etc........but as I said I wanted this project to be I would take one row to the sewing machine and when sewn together I would bring it back, lay it in place and pick up the next row to be sewn and so on.  Almost your seams at 1/2 inch. 

This is how they look when its time to pin these 4 rows together going up and down.  Start by pinning at the seams, match your seams as best you can, I opened my seams and pinned them, you can do it however you want.  I've  seen them done both ways.  Once you have all your seams sewn together, you need to sew a 1/2 inch seam all around the edges of your quilt. 

Now I have to confess I didn't take a pic of all the rows sewn together and the clipping of the seams.......I forgot!!  I didn't remember until after I had tossed it in the washer......yikes, I opened the washer door and snapped a pic of the clipped seams.  Once you have the quilt sewn all together, you grab your sharpest scissors and snip about 1/4 inch snips all along each seam.  This takes some time to complete, be careful not to clip through your seam.  Once all your seams have been clipped.....toss it into your washer and then dry it in a cool dryer......your seams will fray and become very soft.  Each time it is washed it will fray a little more and become softer and softer.  I did purchase a new pair of scissors for this process, I bought a pair of 6 1/2 inch rag quilting snips at my local quilt store.  You can also get a less expensive pair at JoAnn's, just make sure they have a spring, much less stress on your hands as you snip!!

 All finished........I do like the look of it, but I do think when I start using flannel as a batting I will get a more frayed look.  

 I don't think I mentioned that I did use flannel for the backing.  The front is made using 100% cotton fabrics.

I hope you found this helpful.   I'm ready to now go look through my fabric and start my next project.  I'm using greens this time!! 


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday Candy Gram

My daughter Lisa and my granddaughter Kelly put this Birthday Candy Gram together yesterday for Kelly's girlfriend.  I think it turned out so darned cute!
The only things they had to buy was a nice sturdy poster board from the office supply store and candy from the grocery store.  Everything else we had on hand.

Supplies:  poster board, candy, craft glue, scrap paper, cricut machine, paper cutter.........if you don't have a cricut machine, hand writing your message is great too.

Also before you go shopping decide on what you want your Birthday Candy Gram to say so you know what candy you will need to buy. 

This is a great little project to do with your kidlets. 


Kelly's girlfriend Deanna loved it, she has it hanging on her bedroom wall!!!

xoxo Karen