Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I'm wishing everyone a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Enjoy your family and friends and be safe if you are going out on the town.  As for me........its dinner and cards with my daughter and her family.  Lets hope 2010 is the best year ever for all of us!!  


Please check out Ann's blog for a chance to win some handmade buttons by Tessa Ann.  I have ordered Tessa's buttons and I love 'em!  I'm just waiting for the right project to use them.  I just like looking at them!!!
ps........I'm not sure you will win the actual buttons in the picture above, but they will be handmade Tessa Ann buttons. 

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mia's 2nd Birthday!

I can't believe our little Mia turned 2 this month!!  She is just a doll.  Well of course that statement is coming from her gramma......but she is!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Inspiration Blog Award from Groovy Deb!!

THANK YOU GROOVY DEB!!!!  The following is what Deb had to say about myself and my blog!

Karen Lee  has continued to inspire me for some time on her blog. There is always a selection of great photos from her family that is inspirational in that it shows her love of these in her life. She also keeps color all over the board as well as fun gifs which I think shares a piece of herself because you have to search for those to share. She also sews! Need I say more? I am so attracted to the sewing machine which I cannot use! Her cards are incredible and should be sold in stores and the fifth thing I can say about her blog that I love is that she mentions she never would have thought of herself as a blogger, but she is blogging and what a gift it becomes to those who peruse it! Thanks Karen Lee for taking the step to be a blogger and inspiring all who read about you here: 

After Christmas I will be doing some blog  hopping and will be passing this award on to a blog that inspires me!

Please take the time to visit Groovy Deb's blog........there is always something fun to look at!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Stockings Completed for 2009!!!!!

I got a late start on making these Christmas stockings, but I worked really hard and got them finished and delivered this weekend!!  Now I have an order from Rhonda (my cousin) for 6.  She already sent me a huge box of fabric.....way more than I need, so I will have plenty left over for more stockings....whoo-hoo!!  I promised her that she would have them at her door before January 2010 ends!!  So I better get back to sewing!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Michael's Christmas stocking

Another Christmas stocking completed.......this one is for my grandson Michael!

Dominick's Christmas stocking

Today I'm in a sewing groove......whoo-hoo!!!  I need to deliver completed stockings to my daughter tomorrow.  So its a day of sewing for me with a little bloggin' and facebookin' thrown in....LOL!!!  This stocking is for my 15 month old grandson Dominick!

Kelly's Christmas stocking

I'm making Christmas stockings for my family.  This is the one that I made for my granddaughter Kelly.  I just thought this polka-dot fabric would make a fun girlie stocking!!!  What do ya think?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Stocking

My first ever Christmas Stocking!!!  My friend Connie makes Christmas stockings for the office every year and her patchwork stockings were my inspiration.  She gave me a stocking that she was working on so that I could use it as a pattern.  There is a little story behind that.......she got very upset with a guy in her office and she told me he wasn't getting a stocking this year and then she gave it to me.  I told her I would bring it back after I made a template, but she said no, he wasn't getting one this year!!!  He really ticked her off....LOL!!  She told me to go ahead and finish sewing it together and to give it away.  I think she will change her mind, so I'm keeping it just in case.
  I love these jewel tone fabrics.  I started making a quilt using these fabrics almost 3 years ago and never finished the quilt.  The back of the stocking (pic on the right) is actually part of the quilt.  I just placed the template on the unfinished quilt and cut it out.  There goes my quilt....LOL!!!! 

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A few new pic's of Dominick!!

Isn't he just the cutest little thing you've ever seen?? 

Saturday, December 5, 2009

More Christmas Cards.........

I'm still pluggin' away at making Christmas cards.  As you can tell I like making that snowman card!  He's just the cutest and its fun changing up the background.  I get bored very easily!!