Monday, October 28, 2013

~On Fire for Handmade Challenge #125~

In this weeks challenge we were to make a treasury using turquoise.  All items were to be found in etsy shops.  I decided to go with a heart theme and went into shopping mode.  I love the items that I found and they can all be purchased at  Just click on the link below, it will take you to my treasury and from there just click on the item or items that you like and it will take you right to the artists shop.

Thanks for stopping by, Karen Lee

Sunday, October 27, 2013

~Pumpkins Decorated with Craft Brads~

 I just love these craft brad decorated pumpkins.  No more sharp carving tools and don't forget the mess!!
I found these cuties on Pinterest this morning.  Here are a few more non-carving pumpkins for your Halloween/Fall decorating!!

Cute ideas can always be found on Pinterest!!

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My etsy shop
Rag Quilts
Fabric buntings
Baby Bibs/Burp cloths

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

~Baby Boy Bib and Burp Cloth~

I just added this bib set to my etsy shop.  I love the color and the sport print will be a favorite for daddy's!!  I'm working on a cute set tonight, its a fire truck print with dalmations.  Really cute!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

~I'm Dreaming of Red, Aqua & Lime Green~

This week at On Fire for Handmade Treasury Challenge #124, we had to create a shopping list from etsy shops.  We could gather anything we wanted for our list.  I first found the hair clips and started my shopping from there.  I have to have things match most of the time.  I was very happy at everything I found on my trip!

These are the first 8 items on my list, to see the last 8 of my 16 items, you must click the link below..........

 ~I'm Dreaming of Red, Aqua and Lime Green~

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

~Halloween Mantel~

I just love this Halloween decorated mantel and especially love the person who put this all together, MY DAUGHTER!!  I made her the halloween bunting as a birthday gift and she took it from there and came up with this cute grouping.

Thanks for stopping by, Karen Lee

Saturday, October 19, 2013

~Snowman Bunting~

I so love Saturday's!!  The best part is that there is no alarm going off at 3:45am!!!  I was up at 6:10am because I was in charge of my get up.  There's nothing better than that, right?  I went to sleep last night knowing first thing I was going to do this morning was finish making my snowman bunting.  The fabric is so cute and has a glittery sparkle.  It is now for sale in my etsy shop.  Just click on my shop name below.

Back to sewing I go........................................

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Friday, October 18, 2013

~A Few Items From My Etsy Favorites~

Happy Friday!

Today I thought I would feature a few items from my etsy favorites.  I have over 4700 items on that list. That's nothing compared to some of my etsy buddies.  So enjoy a peek at a few of my fav's!! Just click on shop name and it will take you to their etsy shop.

 These colorful patchwork fabric "vases" are the perfect thing to bring a touch of color into any space. Slip one over a Mason jar, beer bottle, or even a recycled jelly jar and then add your favorite fresh or faux flowers.

Set of 2 mini notepads with sophisticated bird cutouts are perfect for purses, backpacks or desktops.

 Three red & white hanging owls, handmade from felt and cotton prints with hand embroidered details.

I hope you enjoyed these little cuties as much as I do.  Each one of them brings a smile to my face!

Thanks for stopping by, Karen Lee

Thursday, October 17, 2013

~Good Day, SUNSHINE~

Here in the Sacramento, CA area it was nice and sunny today.  The sun inspired me to make the etsy treasury that you will find below.  I chose 16 fabulous artists work to be featured in this treasury.  Etsy is one of the best places to find handmade treasures of all kinds.

You will find the links to each shop below.  If you have a few minutes, please take a peak at these fabulous works of art.  JUST CLICK ON THE SHOP NAME AND IT WILL TAKE YOU RIGHT TO THEIR ETSY SHOP.

I had fun searching through many etsy shops just to find the perfect works of art that made me smile!

Thanks for stopping by, Karen Lee

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


SticksnStone is one of my favorite etsy shops.  Angie Bisset from Canada makes these lovely shadow stick and stone scenes of families.  They are very heart warming.  I just wanted to share Angie's work here on my blog.

ABOUT Angie.................................Growing up on beautiful Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada, has led to a strong love of the ocean and nature. My family and I love to go for a walk on the beach, looking for special stones, pieces of driftwood, beach glass and shells. Spending time fly fishing from the shore in the fall has also assisted in spying natural treasures along the shore line.

Last year my sister, who lives in the dessert, got married and I wanted to bring a bit of the West Coast love to them, while also recognizing their special occasion. This first shadow box was of an oyster shell and stone bride and groom. Since then a variety of special occasions have led to peaceful scenes with stones, driftwood, shells and beach glass.

A few of Angie's pieces.

Link to Angie's etsy shop........................ SticksnStone

Thanks for stopping by,  Karen Lee

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

~Baby Bibs & Burp Cloths~

Woot-Woot ..........
I sold my elephant print bib/burp cloth set!!  Its made with flannel and is so very soft and cuddly.  I still have three sets left for sale.  See below........

The three bib/burp cloth sets below are for sale in my etsy shop.  I also take custom orders.  If you are wanting something special, please contact me through my etsy shop and together we can create just what you are looking for.  Click the link to my shop below for details.

Link to my shop...........MadeByKarenLee

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Monday, October 14, 2013

~My Rag Blankets~

These blankets were made "rag" style. Rag quilts unlike traditional quilts are sewn wrong sides together leaving the ends exposed which are then snipped and the blanket is then washed. The ends on the blanket become frayed and soft. The more you wash it, the more frayed and fluffy the ends become. They were machine quilted using the traditional "X" stitching across each block. It has been washed and dried to start the ragging process.  They fold up nicely to fit into diaper bags.

Perfect for ............
~ wrapping your baby~
~care seats~
~tossing on the floor for rolling around on~
~taking to Gramma and Grampa's or Auntie's house~
~toddlers love to drag blankies around with them...this one is perfect for that!~

Visit my etsy shop...............MadeByKarenLee

Thanks for stopping by, KarenLee

Sunday, October 13, 2013

~Halloween Fabric Bunting~

I've been away from my blog for almost a year!!  Yikes, where has the time gone?  I'm now back!!
My past passions were scrapbooking and card making, which I have kinda put on the back burner.  I am now back into sewing and getting back into all of my fabric stash.  I was a quilter for a few years and purchased more fabric than I can ever use.  I have also reopened my etsy shop and I'm into making fabric buntings for holidays, baby showers, kids rooms, office cubicle and just hanging at home for fun!!  I've also got rag blankets, baby bibs and burp cloths for sale.  If you have a minute or two please visit my shop.

Click here..........................MadeByKarenLee

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