Wednesday, October 16, 2013


SticksnStone is one of my favorite etsy shops.  Angie Bisset from Canada makes these lovely shadow stick and stone scenes of families.  They are very heart warming.  I just wanted to share Angie's work here on my blog.

ABOUT Angie.................................Growing up on beautiful Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada, has led to a strong love of the ocean and nature. My family and I love to go for a walk on the beach, looking for special stones, pieces of driftwood, beach glass and shells. Spending time fly fishing from the shore in the fall has also assisted in spying natural treasures along the shore line.

Last year my sister, who lives in the dessert, got married and I wanted to bring a bit of the West Coast love to them, while also recognizing their special occasion. This first shadow box was of an oyster shell and stone bride and groom. Since then a variety of special occasions have led to peaceful scenes with stones, driftwood, shells and beach glass.

A few of Angie's pieces.

Link to Angie's etsy shop........................ SticksnStone

Thanks for stopping by,  Karen Lee

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