Monday, October 14, 2013

~My Rag Blankets~

These blankets were made "rag" style. Rag quilts unlike traditional quilts are sewn wrong sides together leaving the ends exposed which are then snipped and the blanket is then washed. The ends on the blanket become frayed and soft. The more you wash it, the more frayed and fluffy the ends become. They were machine quilted using the traditional "X" stitching across each block. It has been washed and dried to start the ragging process.  They fold up nicely to fit into diaper bags.

Perfect for ............
~ wrapping your baby~
~care seats~
~tossing on the floor for rolling around on~
~taking to Gramma and Grampa's or Auntie's house~
~toddlers love to drag blankies around with them...this one is perfect for that!~

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