Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Inspiration Blog Award from Groovy Deb!!

THANK YOU GROOVY DEB!!!!  The following is what Deb had to say about myself and my blog!

Karen Lee  has continued to inspire me for some time on her blog. There is always a selection of great photos from her family that is inspirational in that it shows her love of these in her life. She also keeps color all over the board as well as fun gifs which I think shares a piece of herself because you have to search for those to share. She also sews! Need I say more? I am so attracted to the sewing machine which I cannot use! Her cards are incredible and should be sold in stores and the fifth thing I can say about her blog that I love is that she mentions she never would have thought of herself as a blogger, but she is blogging and what a gift it becomes to those who peruse it! Thanks Karen Lee for taking the step to be a blogger and inspiring all who read about you here: 

After Christmas I will be doing some blog  hopping and will be passing this award on to a blog that inspires me!

Please take the time to visit Groovy Deb's blog........there is always something fun to look at!!!!

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