Sunday, June 13, 2010

Messenger Bag

I got up at 6:30am, did a little farming on FaceBook and then started making this bag.  The pattern called for a pocket on the front, but I thought it looked better without it, so I left it off.  It also called for making it with strips of fabric, but I chose to use just one large cut of single fabric.  I really love this print and didn't want to add others that would take away from this party of bright flowers.  It also called for a button hole closure, but I didn't want to mess with a button hole on the flap, so I'm going to do a velcro closure.  I'll be making a trip to JoAnn's with coupon in hand sometime tomorrow.  This bright fabric just puts a smile on my face.  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  Mine was very relaxing and I'm ready for work in the morning.....well, sort of......LOL!!!!


shellshearer said...

Oh hun this is my fav out of all the bags you have made I really love that material the pattern is just gorgeous

hugs shell xx

Debbie said...

I agree, beautiful material. Love the colors!