Monday, October 3, 2011


My daughter Lisa and I finished making these adorable pots of pumpkins today.  I had found one of these the other day over at Pineterest and we made some changes to the original and made these our own. 

This was our inspiration pot of pumpkins.  As you can see we kicked it up a notch!

We started out by spray painting our terra cotta pots black.  While they were drying I used my Cricut machine to cut out 1 1/4 inch circles.  We thought it would be much easier to mod podge on the paper circles, so we didn't have to stress out trying to paint perfect circles all around our pots.  We don't like to stress!!

We applied each dot to the pot using mod podge on the backs of each paper dot.

Once the dots were dry, we applied mod podge over the entire pot.  You really don't need to be careful when applying this stuff.  We just kind of slapped it on.  When it dries it looks wonderful.

We bought unfinished wooden letters at Michael's, painted them black and then covered them with halloween print paper.  We also applied mod podge to each letter and then glued them together.  

We cut the stems off the bottom two pumpkins so that we could stack them.  We just used a steak knife, no fancy tools needed.

Now we are getting excited......its time to start the fun part of putting them all together.

We bought leaf garlands, bunches of sunflowers, 2 big black spiders and autumn colored ferns to add around the bottom of the stack of pumpkins.

and every crafter needs a special helper!!  

XOXO Karen Lee


Charlotte said...

Oh my, how adorable. This is such a clever idea. They look fabulous on the porch!!!

Groovy Deborah said...

Karen Lee I really love your Halloween decor!!!