Saturday, November 30, 2013

~Pedricks Lavender Wands~
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Hello, its Saturday afternoon and I'm waiting for family to arrive so we can play our favorite game of Aggravation.  We play on a large handmade wooden board and we have many sets of 1 inch marbles to play with, along with every color of dice you can think of!!  Great family fun!!!

Today I want to feature Pedricks, a shop of beautiful lavender wands.

ABOUT Catherine Pedrick, owner of Pedricks.  (taken from her account)

Pedricks began when I discovered I could weave my long stemmed English lavender into wands instead of just harvesting the flowers and drying them for sachets.
Lavender falls off of it's stems when they begin to get dry and the ladies of the Victorian age created this unique means of preserving the lavender from their gardens so it could be used for many years to scent their clothing or any room they were in.
I have seen a photo of a lavender wand that was 40 years old, with the caption that it still smelled wonderful.
Since only long stemmed English lavender can be used to make these wands, I cannot begin making them until each summers crop is mature enough, and then I have to stop once the stems are no longer supple enough to bend and the flowers begin to fall off of the stems when they are cut.

"I  have always loved working with my hands to create. From drawing and painting, to knitting and embroidery. When I first began to weave my lavender into wands in the Victorian way, it was as if my hands already knew how to do this. It is a joy!"

You can find more info about these wonderful wands made by Catherine at her shop PEDRICKS
(just click to visit my shop)

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