Sunday, December 8, 2013

~A Tree for Mom & A Tree for the Kids~

For the last several years my daughter Lisa has had her own special tree that she gets to decorate all by herself.  She calls it the "Mom Tree".  It sits on the bar between the kitchen and family room.  This year she decided to use peacock colors and it is FABULOUS!  She has gotten mixed reviews, the men hate it, the women love it and the kids don't get it!!  These photos really don't do it just gotta see it in person.


 My daughter is a wonderful mom to her 5 year old son Dominick and also a wonderful mom to her husbands two children, Kelly 16 and Michael 14.  She loves and treats all the kids the same.  I'm very proud of her.  She has the best heart ever, just ask anyone that knows her!!  

Well.....back to the kids tree!!  Lisa sets up the tree, gets the ornament boxes out and she lets the kids go to town.  She never changes anything they put on the tree.  I stood in the kitchen as the kids decorated the tree.  I watched Dominick jumping for joy, so excited about every ornament he put on the tree.  Michael really got into putting the Santa hat on the tree top and putting the garland around the tree.  Then there was Kelly, after all she is 16 and could barely set her phone down.  But in the end she got into the spirit too.

Now that the trees are up, the rest of the house will turn into Christmas next weekend.  Lisa has her last final on Friday.  She will graduate from the nursing program at American River College on December 17, 2013.

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