Friday, October 31, 2008


It's raining very hard here this morning! It's only 5:30am, so hopefully by this evening it clears up for all the little Trick or Treaters. I remember this being such a fun time for my two little ones when they were growing up. I always made a big deal out of their costumes. It was always a fun time. I hope they have the same memories tucked away in their hearts as I do.

My little Mia is going to dress up as a pumpkin! She just started walking, so she should look darling. And my little Dominick, who's not even 2 months old yet is going to be superman. I am lovin' this gramma thing!

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Grandma Mel said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!! What a wonderfull display of pictures. You should be very very proud.
Keep it up...I will visit every once in awhile. Isn't it great that we have such great grandkids.

Love, Grandma Mel