Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not Me!

Thats right, NOT ME!
A blog you say, NOT ME!
I'm the last person on earth that ever thought I would start a blog. NOT ME!
I'm not a blogger, NOT ME!

The last couple of years I have been bitten by the scrap bug! You might say I'm addicted to paper, glue, scissors, trimmers, adhesive rollers, brads, lace, flowers, buttons, ribbon, paint, my Cricut! And of course my CAMERA! My camera goes everywhere I go.

My daughter's good friend Laura Koepplin (not for long as she is getting married) suggested I start a blog to share my STUFF. So after thinking about it for some time, I decided I might as well do it!

I decided tonight was the night to get it started. Well.....coming up with a name was not an easy task as every name I tried was already taken. I must have entered 25 different names. Finally I plugged in "A Place To Share My Stuff" and this little message popped up that said it was mine! I think its a good fit!

The main reason for starting my little blog was to share my photo's, scrap layouts, and the other little goodies I make with my family and friends. Now you all can come here and see what I've been up too. I don't always have the best of luck attaching photos to e-mails, some of you never seem to be able to open them. So now, just pop in every once in awhile and see what new creations I have to share you with all.

My latest creations happen to be 2 canvases. I have never worked on a canvas before, so I totally winged it and prayed a lot that they would look half way descent. I actually like them. They are not perfect, I am sure I will learn the little tricks of using Mod Podge or Royal Coat each time I attempt to use it. I plan on making more of these canvases as I have a wall in my scraproom that is screaming for a remake!


fablady said...

Congrats on the blog,nice job too!

~~Lisa~~ said...

Karen, your new blog is wonderful and those canvases are beautiful works of art! Can't wait to see more stuff!