Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Card Makin' Kind of Day

Good morning!!  I got up this morning and figured I better get a few Easter cards made so that I could get them in the mail tomorrow.  I had planned on using some Easter images that I had found, but when I went to print them, they just weren't right.  So I thought, great, what am I going to do now.  I had made this same card a month or so ago and I really had fun making it, so I made a couple of changes to the original design and this is what I came up with.  I know this isn't your typical Easter card, but I'm not always your typical little card maker.....LOL!!!  I love this paper.....its called "paper bag".  The cord I used to tie onto the flower is a hemp glitter cord used in jewelery making.  I bought a bunch of different colors of it the other day.  I like it!!  Now I better get back to making more cards.  Enjoy your Sunday!!

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2amscrapper said...

What a great idea for some cards. I love those flowers!