Sunday, January 25, 2009

My 2nd Blog Award!!

I just received this blog award from Jill Sarginson ( ) and from Debbie ( ). Thanks girls its FABULOUS! As part of this award I have to list 5 things I'm addicted to!

1. Scrapbooking and Card making (of course)
2. My DVR....could not live without it!
3. My camera (it goes everywhere I go)
4. Playing cards (Shanghai....I've been playing it since the late 1960's)
5. My computer (without it there would be no blog!)

Now I get to give this award to 5 others..........

Okay girls...... please accept your award and pass it along to 5 others!


LuAnn said...

Awwww. Thanks so much Karen Lee! Hugz to you my friend!!

fablady said...

Wow Karen how awesome,thanks so much!!

dale said...

Oh my...this is my first award. I feel so honored that you thought of me. Thanks Karen.

Laura said...

Thanks Karen!! (HUGS!)