Thursday, November 27, 2008


I will be spending the day at Lisa and Steve's. I'm picking up Noni on the way. It's nice having someone to talk to on the ride there. I'm bringing the veggies this year. I'm making a Broccoli Cheese dish (a Paula Dean recipe......I love that woman!) and fresh steamed green beans with a little olive oil and black pepper!! I'm also bringing the Champagne and OJ for Mamosas!!! We aren't really drinkers, but we each have one or two, they taste so good while we are getting the food ready. Jack (Steve's dad) is our official Turkey cooker!! This will be the third year Jack has been in charge of the turkey......he has the magic touch!! He also makes a mean stuffing and a delicious gravy. Melissa (Jack's wife) makes awesome homemade rolls! If she doesn't hide them before dinner, Steve can eat them all....hehehe!! Lisa is charge of the mashed taters and all the snackies before dinner. Lisa set her table yesterday, she made beaded napkin rings, I can't wait to see them. Maybe some of my craftyness has rubbed off on her!!! She told me her and the kids made the rings, and I said, "oh out of construction paper" mom she said.......I went to Michael's and bought glass beads!! I was so impressed!! I can't wait to see her table. She always puts a lot of work into setting a nice table.

The only sad part of this day is that Michael, Sally and the kids are not going to be with us. They drove to Arizona yesterday to be with some of Sally's family. We are going to miss them. But.......I know I've got to share them.....right?

Again.......HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!!! I'll be back with photo's later!!!!

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