Saturday, November 1, 2008


Michael and Sally picked me up Friday evening and we all drove up to Lisa and Steve's. We wanted the babies to be together on their 1st Halloween!! They were dressed up so cute. Mia as a PUMPKIN and Dominick as SUPERMAN! Steve and Lisa had their front porch decorated so neat, I'd say rather SPOOKY! So we decided that would be the best place for a photo shoot! The lighting wasn't the best, but I think I got some cute pic's. Mia was so darned cute, she was a little afraid of that ugly, ugly person sitting next to her, but she really handled it well. We were all just cracking up. Little Dominick is still to young to realize what was going he just went with it. My 5 other grandkidlets were trick-or-treating with their mom or dad. Maybe next year we can have all 7 dressed up and trick-or-treating together! What a photo shoot we would have. Now I have to get scrapbooking these darling photo's!

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