Monday, December 8, 2008

Mia's 1st Birthday Party!

Michael and Sally hosted the most wonderful Birthday party for Mia's 1st Birthday. It was just lovely. They had a lot of help from their best friends, Joe and Bree. The four of them did an awesome job. Sally is Korean, so Mia was dressed in a Traditional Korean Birthday dress at the beginning of the party. She looked so, so cute! The dress was a little long, so she kept falling down while she was trying to walk. She would fall and get right back up and keep going. She's just too cute! Sally's mom and aunt made lots of Korean food, which was very good. Sally also had a deli table set up with lots of yummy sandwich goodies. So there was food for every one's taste buds. I think there were about 50 or so guests. I uploaded a slideshow of some of the party photo's. Take a peek!!


Kimberkv said...

Sounds like a great party. My DS did the same thing with his cake on his first b-day. I had to show him how to make the mess!!

dale said...

What a great slide show Karen. Love the pics of Mia with her cake. Judging by the photos I would say Mia's cake was pretty tasty. Doesn't seem like she should be one already. She'll be getting married before you know it!LOL

Jill Sarginson said...

She's adorable Karen! That photo slideshow is fabulous - I love it!!!!! Happy Birthday Mia!!