Thursday, December 11, 2008

You won't find these in your local Hallmark store!

I'm still at it!! Yep....I'm still making Christmas cards! I thought I would be all finished by now, but nope, I've still got a few more to make!! After making 16 of the same cards for my critique group, I couldn't even think about making more duplicate cards. So each of the cards that I am sending to my family are different. I'm really taxing my brain trying to come up with different designs. I am liking the hearts and I really like this star. I had a bunch of hearts and stars already cut out from another project, so I added Stickles to them and I love the look! All that I know is that "You won't find these in your local Hallmark Store"!


Erika said...

NICE! I they are all SO beautiful! I really like the star and of course the stickles! I think I'm going to do different sets next year...after this year of doing 50-60 of the SAME card, I can't see straight! hehe.

Anonymous said...

Great Cards. Love the hearts and the Star on the cards.

dale said...

You are right...I could never find anything this beautiful in my Hallmark store. Awesome cards,Karen!