Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh My....the AWARDS Just Keep Comin'!!!!!

Thank you Vicky! Vicky is a DT member over at 365 Cards.....my favorite spot to be!!! She was so kind to nominate me for these awards. She is one very talented lady!! Please take some time to visit her blog. You will totally be inspired!! click here.

I've nominated 10 blogs to receive these awards. You girls can just grab one of them or please go ahead a take both of them. But, please pass them along to 10 blogs of your choice. Let's keep these awards going.

Genie http://pookahbot.blogspot.com/
Amanda http://amandasscrappyadventures.blogspot.com/
Kim http://kimberkv.blogspot.com/
Meg http://meggiroux.blogspot.com/
Melissa http://www.ihaveprettierstuff.blogspot.com/
Tricia http://lshdesigns.blogspot.com/
Jackie http://www.chicscraps.blogspot.com/
Debra http://luci61.blogspot.com/
LuAnn http://shellsurfer.blogspot.com/
Rebecca http://scrapersdelight.blogspot.com/


Kimberkv said...

Congrats on the recognition!!!

Wendy said...

Hi Karen! You deserve all the awards! Last night I left you one on my blog!! HEHE!! www.papertherapy-wendy.blogspot.com

BeccaRoo said...

Thank you Karen!! How sweet I will work on this one this week too! =)

Amanda Valentin said...

Thank you so much Karen!!! You are too sweet!! Thank you so much and congrats to you too!

Kimberkv said...

Oh aren't you the sweetest!!! Thank you so much!!